Smart Lynx


As a trucking insurance wholesaler, we are proud to offer our clientele easy and direct access to higher level insurance coverages.

With the ultimate goal to better protect the carrier we are pleased to offer an upgraded policy package called the «SMART LYNX» . Such packages are usually only accessible to large-sized fleets. This upgrade is now available to all owner-operators and small to mid-sized fleets at no extra cost.

The following examples demonstrate the superior coverages of our basic policy package:

  • Protect your company’s assets with a 3 M $ limit in auto liability and commercial general liability
  • For additional coverage the primary policy can be increased to a 5 M $ liability limit
  • For the ultimate protection an excess liability policy of up to 5 M $ can be purchased through «LYNX UMBRELLA» for a total liability limit of 10 M$
  • Allow yourself the opportunity to use a non-owned trailer (OPCF 27b) valued up to 150,000 $
  • A cargo limit of 400,000 $ will give you more freedom to haul higher-value loads with peace of mind
  • Load brokerage is part of your operation? Benefit from additional protection with a contingent cargo coverage limit of 400,000 $

These are only a few examples of the advantages of your «SMART LYNX» upgraded policy package.

...For your trucking insurance needs: rely on Lynx Underwriters !